Nutritionists and dietitians always advise eating healthy for people who want to lose weight or manage their weight. Though everyone might have a good understanding of which food items to include in their diet, there is a lack of information on which foods to avoid to stay healthy.

The media would always say a thing or two about highly processed foods being very unhealthy. But reports would often leave out specific details on which food items to get rid of and what’s making them unhealthy. For guidance, check out these 7 unhealthy foods to avoid and what they do to your body, courtesy of CNET:

Fried chicken

Chicken may be a good source of lean protein, but how it is cooked or prepared greatly affects its nutritional value. Fried chicken tends to come with breading composed of white flour, salt and herbs. The first two are fine in moderation. But combined with oil, they get worse and become a bit addicting. Experts recommend grilling or air frying chicken to stay on the healthy side.

Potato chips

Potato chips are tasty, but they don’t provide a balanced source of calories. Store-bought chips are also high in preservatives. The potatoes used in making them contain simple carbohydrates but lack vitamins, protein and fiber. The oil used in frying them all makes them very unhealthy.

French fries

These are everyone’s favorite snacks. They are very similar to potato chips, but fries contain more actual potatoes than the latter. Frying them in oil also makes them least likely to be favored by nutritionists. But if you can’t do away with fries, health and wellness experts recommend making your own. Homemade fries are low in salt, and they can be prepared in an air fryer.

White bread

The bread flour processed from wheat to make white bread is the reason for its unhealthy reputation. Dietitians always recommend whole wheat that is rich in nutrients and fiber. White bread does not only contain less nutritional value, but it also does not help with digestion, unlike whole wheat.


The fast-paced world gave birth to easy-to-prepare meals. In the U.S., most people, especially kids, enjoy cereals for breakfast. But this food is something that should also be avoided. It’s rich in carbs and sugars and low in protein, fiber and vitamins. Thankfully, there are more and more low-sugar cereals becoming available on the market. These alternatives also generally come with more protein and fiber. You just need to read the label to find them.

Boxed mac and cheese

Another quick fix for the starving belly is boxed mac and cheese. It’s easy to prepare and does not require much meal preparation. However, experts consider them unhealthy due to their high amounts of carbs and fats and low nutritional value. Researchers also found that some brands contain harmful chemicals.

Baked goods

For those with a sweet tooth, the last item on this list may be hard to avoid. Baked goods are undeniably delicious and addicting because of their sweetness. However, it’s the same sweetness that makes them dangerous. Cakes, donuts, brownies and other baked goods contain sugars and saturated fats. They have very little fiber, protein and vitamins, making them one of the worst foods to indulge in when trying to lose weight.

Unhealthy Grocery Store Foods
Grocery stores are selling high amounts of unhealthy, highly processed foods. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock