Having flu symptoms can make a person’s body flare with heat. There are ways to fight these uneasy feelings to alleviate the sick person. Here are some easy steps on how to start battling flu and ease symptoms that go with it:

Drink enough fluids: Having had enough drinking of fluids can make the body temperature down. Fluids such as water and citrus juices can help a lot to ease the throat and the air passages. The more liquid that you take in means more perspiration that can be emitted by the body, thus, enabling the body heat to escape.

Drink medications: There are over the counter medicines that can alleviate pain and fever. Taking Paracetamol for fever or ibuprofen for both pain and fever can be beneficial. Cough syrups or expectorants can be used as prescribed by a physician to clear away the throat condition and colds. Some medicines such as antibiotics for those who have this illness for more than 3 to 5 days have most likely gone to their family doctors to seek a prescription. Do not try to employ self-medication as this method could even bring more complications. Battling flu can be very difficult if one does not drink medications on time so it has to be monitored and taken as per schedule.

Use steam inhalers or steam bath: The use of steam inhalers is most welcome. Adding a small amount of eucalyptus oil can ease and clear the throat and will leave a good feeling for the chest, the lungs in particular. Steam bath can also be a big help as the water used during shower is warmer than tap, it helps in lowering down body temperature as well. Inhaling the steam will help clear the air passages just like what the steam inhaler does.

Try nasal drops: Trying these can be advised by a physician but just do not overdo this as it requires a time table in administering these drops. In battling flu, one might need to know that sometimes, these cures are reasons for clogged sinuses. As it decongests the nose, there is a possibility that the mucous can clog and it will cause it to harden and leaves it with no option but to stick where it is and stay there for a long time. This could cause deafness. Saline nasal drops can be more beneficial though as they can help get the mucous out of the nostrils.

Inhalers and lozenges: These are temporary relief from the strange feeling that one experiences when having a flu attack. This temporary cure can also clog the nose and would cause temporary deafness. Overuse of inhalers is not good for the patient. Lozenges can help but think that these can contain sugar and sugar by the way is mucous-forming. Any candy has high sugar content. One should be aware of that.

The chicken soup and rest: It is said that once a person gets sick, chicken soup helps in the early recovery. Maybe so, but on second thought, it helps in lowering down body temperature; hot as it is, it would make the body perspire. It can improve breathing after having sipped a dozen times, with the spices included in the recipe. If thought clearly, chicken soup has a psychological effect towards sick people, not only with fever but with any affliction. Furthermore, rest is the best remedy aside from the medications that a patient takes when battling flu as it is rest that the body revitalizes itself.