At 7 years old, Avery Harriman has spent the majority of his life in and out of hospital rooms. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 2, Avery has already suffered two cancer relapses that left both him and his family heartbroken. This past week, the Harriman family received some amazing news regarding Avery’s status, and the young cancer patient’s reaction is simply heartwarming.

Avery, who is the son of University of Nebraska assistant basketball coach Chris Harriman, underwent a successful bone marrow transplant back in 2012 and was considered cancer-free. Unfortunately, the amount of time he spent out of the hospital only lasted 18 months after he suffered his second cancer relapse in July. After 23 days of intensive chemotherapy treatments, Avery got the best news anyone is his situation could receive.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 6,020 new acute lymphocytic leukemia cases are expected for 2014, while 1,440 will die as the result of their diagnosis. Acute lymphocytic leukemia risk is highest in children under the age of 5. Although Avery is expected back in the hospital this week to undergo a second bone marrow biopsy, the Harriman family is hopeful, considering Avery’s perfect bone marrow match donor from his first transplant has promised to donate again, if need be.