Sometimes, finding the motivation to get up and active is extremely hard to come by. A long day at work, your favorite show on TV, or just plain laziness are all pretty common excuses. Well, here’s your inspiration for today.

Willie Muprhy, a 77-year-old grandmother from Rochester, N.Y., can probably outlift you. At only 105 pounds, she’s able to do one-handed pull-ups and push-ups, as well as deadlift 215 pounds — more than twice her weight — thanks to four years of weight training. “I never use the word ‘I can’t.’” she told USA Today for its “Inspiration Nation” series. “I would just simply say, ‘I will try.’ That’s the way I live my life, just trying to do my best every day.”

It’s that attitude that helped her win her division in the deadlift competition at the recent WNPF World Championships. Along with that, she’s also come in first place in power curls, bench press, and bench press repetition competitions. The World Natural Powerlifting Federation even presented her with 2014 Lifter of the Year award.

Murphy’s strength has given her abilities you wouldn’t normally see in seniors. She’s able to carry her own grocery bags, she can lift her grandkids, and she can push her own car when it breaks down. This physical activity helps her lead a healthier lifestyle, which studies have shown not only reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, but also cognitive decline — and she sure seems mentally fit.

For your daily dose of inspiration, watch Murphy lift below.