Whether you are a woman waiting to see her little one and doing research while those nine months pass by, or you are a man who is looking for a way to get himself more informed on the topic of pregnancy, this article is the perfect opportunity for you to fulfill your wishes. Pregnancy is an unbelievable experience for both the mother and the father. We understand how you can get a bit overwhelmed during the last few months and feel nervous to meet your loved one, but take this advice – enjoy those moments as much as you can.

As you go through the changes that come, we admit some of those changes are good, some could be difficult to overcome. The fact is it is all worth it. If you are still a bit nervous and you do not believe us when we tell you that your pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting experience, maybe the following facts will convince you. This article has the most exciting facts about pregnancy, so if you are here to take your knowledge on the topic of pregnancy to the next level we will be right beside you explaining and surprising you in every moment.

When you are pregnant, you may become a bit overwhelmed, hearing people’s opinions and stories on the topic, reminding you to watch over your diet and routines, visiting your doctor so that he/she could track your pregnancy week by week and what not. That is why we wanted to prepare a different kind of article and leave all those reminders for the doctor to give. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience that only a mother can experience going through the changes and feeling her baby growing inside of her. You will understand what we mean when we say a wonderful experience as you go through fact after fact in the following article. Let’s begin!

8 Unbelievable Facts About Pregnancy:

  1. Your pregnancy could last for over a year.As we have learned since high school, pregnancy lasts night months. That is why this fact may surprise you! There has been a case where the pregnancy lasted 375 days. That is the longest pregnancy in the world up to this day.
  2. Your baby is urinating in your womb. Maybe the fact that your baby is urinating in your womb is not that big of a surprise but is the fact that after the baby urinates, he/she drinks the urine?
  3. Your skin will really glow. We are guessing that you have heard people saying that during the pregnancy you glow. Surprisingly they are not wrong. Your skin does glow during your pregnancy. But do you know why? During your pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases up to 50 percent. This extra blood needs to end up somewhere and what is a better place than your skin, on your cheeks giving you that fresh, glow look. Something that you could also experience as a result to the increased amount of blood is bleeding from your nose and gums.
  4. When women are not pregnant, their uteruses are with the size of a peach. However, during the period of pregnancy, the uterus changes its size and from a peach sized it gets up to a middle watermelon size in the period of nine months. That is about 500 times its normal size.
  5. Your feet can grow up to one full shoe size as a result of extra fluid and water retention, excess pressure on your feet and the relaxed ligaments in your body.
  6. Women experience an improved sense of smell and taste during their pregnancy. The sense of smell and taste increases drastically which will allow women to stay away from certain foods which contain toxins that although may not be dangerous for adults, they are dangerous for fetuses.
  7. Up to 90 percent of women experience a change in their skin tone. If you did not know, hyperpigmentation occurs due to the increased production of melanin which will cause certain patches and dark spots to appear usually on your face. Although this is a very common appearance, there is nothing to be worried about. Dark spots can be treated naturally, or you can ask your doctor for an opinion.
  8. Only baby girls develop all the reproductive eggs in utero as compared with baby boys who start developing the sperm as soon as they reach puberty.

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Are you excited to see that your pregnancy is up to an end, and you will finally get to see and hold your baby? Maybe you are looking forward to stopping hearing everybody’s opinions saying how you need to watch over your diet and introducing you to the health benefits of omega-3 and various exercises that you must try. Remember, stay healthy, exercise and visit your doctor but also do not forget to remind yourself to enjoy these nine exciting months.

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