Happiness is an important factor in our overall health, alongside nutritious eating and exercise. A bad day at work, a breakup, or an argument with a friend can lead us to fall into a bout of sadness. However, we can get out of this downward spiral by doing several things every day, from listening to music to planning (not necessarily booking) a vacation.

In the infographic, "9 Things That Will Make You Happy, According to Science," CashNetUSA explains although happiness means different things to different people, and there's no one definitive method for finding it, there are scientifically proven tips on where to begin.

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For example, in the digital age, technology is readily available for use, whether we use our smartphones or our laptops. Quitting social media, like Facebook, may help boost our happiness. A study by the Happiness Research Institute found quitting Facebook for a week increases average happiness rating. Deactivating our Facebook account for 30 days will hide our account from our friends, so we're more likely not to see notifications. The best part? We can reactivate our account by logging back in anytime.

Instead of using technology for social media, CashNetUSA suggests using it to listen to our favorite songs. Internet music sites like Spotify allow us to hear our favorite music, and create our own playlists. A study from McGill University found listening to our favorite song releases dopamine, one of the happy hormones linked with rewards, which gives us a pleasurable, happy feeling. Creating a playlist of upbeat songs and giving it a listen for five minutes at the start of the day can significantly boost our mood.

Listening to music while planning a vacation can cause a surge of dopamine. Researchers at the University of Rotterdam have found the act of planning a trip boosts feelings of happiness and anticipation, which can last up to eight weeks. A Pinterest board of places we'd like to visit would be a good start to plan a vacation.

Not all of these happiness hacks may work for everyone, but there's no harm in listening to our favorite song or planning a vacation we'd like to take.

Take a look at the scientifically-proven ways to boost happiness in the infographic below.

Courtesy of: CashNetUSA