As much of the country heads into winter and temperatures cool down, you may be thinking about fun winter activities to keep you entertained during this COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and isolation will likely continue for a while yet, so this is the right time to start planning family activities that will keep you in high spirits. But, more than anything else, it is important to stay safe while enjoying life this winter season. So, here are 9 tips to help keep your winter entertaining safe during the pandemic.

  1. Wash your hands. This cannot be emphasized enough. And, it goes for all activities (especially in public places) that you enjoy this winter. Whatever you do, make sure to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Also, always have a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol nearby.
  2. Practice social distancing. Although this may not be so much fun, it is important to keep your distance from people who don’t live with your or who aren’t in your “bubble.” Effective social distancing means keeping at least 6 feet away from others.
  3. Stay outdoors. As long as you take the proper social distancing precautions, you can enjoy outdoor activities like building a snowman, winter camping, or enjoying a nice winter bonfire with friends and family members, maintaining a safe distance, of course.
  4. Choose take-out and delivery. Many people love going to restaurants and shops. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted some of our favorite activities. The good news is that you can still enjoy restaurant food and shopping by opting for delivery or take-out. With so many online businesses thriving and local businesses offering their wares online or by phone, there is pretty well everything you need. And, it can be fun!
  5. Keep it low-key. If you are an extrovert, this won’t be your favorite thing to do this winter. However, introverts will probably love it. Most importantly, everyone can have fun and stay safe. If you keep the gathering to only a small group of people, you can enjoy fun activities like movie nights, playing cards and video games, or having cookouts.
  6. Wear masks. Up to this point, we are used to wearing masks wherever we go. But, this can also be fun as there are many different colors, prints, or customized face masks available. You can even choose to have your favorite movie character, singer, or athlete on your mask. Just make sure to use it properly.
  7. Don’t share food. This is the way to dine this winter while the pandemic is still on. Bringing your own food to a (small) gathering can be fun as everyone can choose what to bring. That way, you’ll be eating your food of choice and still stay safe!
  8. Avoid peak times when going out. If you must go out, try to go out when there crowds are least likely. If you’re walking, try to take the least crowded route as well.
  9. Be cautious when shopping. Although in-person shopping is discouraged in many places (see point number 4), some people just really enjoy shopping. So, whether you are visiting vape shops, big malls, or retail stores, make sure to wear your face mask, keep your distance, and use a hand sanitizer as you enter and leave the store.

By practicing these 9 tips and encouraging others to do the same, you will be able to help protect the community from the spread of COVID-19. Plus, you’ll keep your winter entertaining safe during COVID-19.