When it comes to death, many of us are well-equipped on ways to avoid it, such as looking both ways when crossing the street and not driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Although Blue Oyster Cult tells us in their classic 1976 song, “(Don't Fear) The Reaper,” we can’t help but realize in any given moment our lives could end in a number of unexpected ways. The moments where we take a walk on the wild side and flirt with death could potentially be our last, reminding us we are not immortal but fragile creatures. To bring us back to our humble beginnings, the BuzzFeedYellow channel on YouTube has narrowed down the most surprising ways people die each year.


Escalators provide comfort for those of us who dread to go up and down the stairs. However, these electronic stairs can be dangerous, especially if we do not ride them with caution. Avoid doing up the down escalator, or down the up escalator, as these power stairs cause two deaths per year.


Be careful when you touch that dial. Televisions, whether bulky and heavy, or slim and light, cause 19 deaths per year. It’s always better to ask for help when setting up or moving a TV, for your life’s sake.


Toasters can help us heat our bread and Pop Tarts, but they can be fatal if not used correctly. Never touch a toaster, or any electronic appliance with wet hands, as this increases your risk of getting electrocuted. These handy appliances can actually take 45 lives per year.


When driving on a mountainous range, or near the woods, beware of deer. It’s best to proceed with caution in these neck of the woods to save a deer’s life and your life. Two hundred people in the U.S. are killed from hitting a deer while driving. Remember Bambi the movie, and you will be more cautious and kind.


While most of us may not be eager to start our day, we should make sure we’re not grumps and fall from our bed to our deathbed. BuzzFeedYellow says 450 people die per year falling out of bed. Now, that doesn’t not seem like a good morning. Always look before you leap out of bed.


“Hungry Hungry Hippos” is more than just a game, it can happen in real life, too. Although a situation where you may encounter a hippo may be rare, they actually kill 500 people per year. Here’s some life advice: Avoid close encounters with hippos.


Although not surprising, the numbers are still concerning, as texting while driving causes 6,000 deaths in the U.S. alone. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say chances are that text is not more important than your life. Need to text? Pull over. If not, carry on wayward.


Think lightning is cool up-close? It may be time to reconsider the cool factor and step away from the lightning storm. This kills 24,000 people per year. Take the weatherman seriously when he says chance of lightning, and actually seek shelter during the storm.


Get made fun of for your fear of mosquitos? Well your fear of mosquitos and your incessant need to have bug repellent are well justified. These pesky creatures kill 750,000 people per year. It’s time to run.


Going on a boat ride, or are you on vacation in paradise? Don’t let the fun times come to an end, and beware of a shark attack. While sharks kill less than 10 people per year, they are still dangerous creatures to be around. Don’t let your body swim with the fishes.

What’s the solution to avoiding death, according to BuzzFeedYellow? Replace everything dangerous with sharks. You’ll have better odds of surviving.