When Emily Letts, 25, decided to film her own abortion, we can assume that she was well aware of the possible backlash from many pro-life supporters. Letts, a sex educator and patient advocate at the Cherry Hill Women's Center in New Jersey, found out she was pregnant last November and decided to document her experience in hopes of helping other women come to terms with past abortions or to offer support for women who might undergo the procedure.

“I knew I wasn't ready to take care of a child. The guy wasn't involved in my decision. I called my supervisor and said, ‘Excuse me, I am going to need to schedule one abortion, please.’ It was very early in the pregnancy, only two to three weeks,” Letts says in the video below.

On her YouTube channel, she describes her experience as positive and says she doesn’t feel guilty for having the procedure. She also wrote about why she filmed the abortion in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Some disagreed with her decision to document her experience. Breitbart's William Bigelow was one of the outspoken conservatives against her abortion. “Of course, it wasn't so pain-free and safe for the baby, but there is no mention of the baby in the entire article—or, for that matter, his or her father," he said about a ThinkProgress story on Letts.

Watch the safe-for-work abortion video below, which only shows Letts from the waist up: