“Addiction Poem,” a spoken word piece by rapper In-Q, explores the pain and agony that addiction can cause addicts and their families, while also offering a little hope.

Addiction is a dependence on a substance or behavior that is almost uncontrollable, according to the Mayo Clinic. People who struggle with addiction may want to quit, but can’t do it on their own despite the harm that it causes both themselves and their family. Addiction can cause physical and mental health problems, family strife, and financial ruin. The poem, which is presented in the form of a short YouTube video, is part of a promotion for a long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation center called Burning Tree. In it, people battling addiction — a businessman, a mother, a student— all triumph over one tumultuous day by following their hearts.

“See this poem is for the lost and the found, who’ve been tossed to the ground, who’ve been crossed by their friends,” the poem says. “Get up. Stand your ground again. Make your heart the strongest muscle that you’ve got. And let it guide you in the dark, until you reach the other side.”