While it is a common practice for people who work out to concentrate on one muscle group per exercise, this might not be practical when it comes to being consistent in working out on a regular basis. For this, most experts recommend compound exercises which target not just one muscle group but two or three at a time.

Not only does one’s time get saved but it also helps one use one exercise to build more muscle, and so, here are five compound exercises that will help you build more muscle faster:


With quadriceps being the biggest muscles, doing squats not only gives them a complete workout but it also focuses on your core muscles as well. Most experts will agree that this is one of the best exercises that one can perform in order to gain mass. You just have to remember to not keep your back bowed in or out.

Military Press

Considered as a classic exercise that focuses on the anterior deltoids as well as your triceps, this exercise definitely helps you gain mass as well.

Bench Press

This compound exercise can be performed on a flat, incline and decline bench, and each of these positions focus on different parts of your chest while also strengthening the shoulders and triceps. In particular, the flat bench press focuses solely on your chest, the incline bench press on your shoulders and chests while the decline bench press works on your triceps and chest.

Pull ups

This exercise is performed by holding a barbell with your hands close together (as compared to other exercises) and pulling it up to your chin. This exercise not only focuses on your biceps but also your rear deltoids and traps.

For your back muscles, the machine row can be an excellent way to build muscle. But since it is a compound exercise, not only does it exercise the upper and lower back but it also works the biceps as well. What you should remember is that one should be careful as to not twist your lower back incorrectly.