Dermablend along with two popular YouTube makeup gurus have started a new ad campaign that shows how makeup can empower women — not cover them up.

In two videos, Cheri Lindsay and Cassandra Bankson start off with a full face of makeup, and as the clip progresses, they wipe off their foundation. They then go on to tell viewers how they have not used makeup to cover up their flaws, but it has made them a "bit more approchable."

“My name is Cheri, and this is my Camo Confession,” she says before she proceeds to rub off her foundation to reveal her discoloration.

“My vitiligo started ... my sophomore year of college,” Lindsay says in the video, explaining her skin pigment disorder. "I was in Texas, and I've been told that the sun exposure just makes it spread that much faster."

“All of this came within the past maybe three years or so, and it was shocking to me at first because of how much came so fast. It's not that easy to deal with,” she added.

Lindsay says she uses her makeup to encourage people to see her for who she truly is. “I don't want people to think that I would get offended,” she continued. “Don't hide, you know. There's something wrong with everybody. Nobody's 100 percent perfect.”

Cheri Lindsay before removing her Dermablend Pro makeup. YouTube — Dermablend Pro
Cheri Lindsay after she removed her makeup. YouTube — Dermablend Pro

A similar response was given by Bankson, who also shared her "Camo Confession.” Bankson has been suffering from a severe form of acne since she was in the third grade. Now at the young age of 21, she has become a YouTube sensation and has used her struggles as a person suffering with acne to help inspire others. “When you hear things like that ['freak of nature' and 'the exorcist'] on a daily basis, it becomes really, really hard to love yourself,” Bankson said.

“I used to use make-up to cover up and hide who I was,” she added. “Now I use it to express myself and show the world who I truly am.”

Cassandra Bankson before removing her Dermablend Pro makeup. YouTube — Dermablend Pro
Cassandra Bankson after she removes her makeup. YouTube — Dermablend Pro