Almost every fitness enthusiast worth his salt would have at some point of time or the other have experimented with dumbbell and barbell exercise and even the off-beat form of exercise using kettle-bells.

And even though, each of these training implements will take you from strength to strength, one cannot leave out the benefits that the exercise form of calisthenics has to offer.

All calisthenics exercises (divided into aerobic and anaerobic exercises) are freehand, and use the weight of your body and gravity for resistance only to increase difficulty. And therein lies the first advantage which doesn’t require any special equipment, but here are a few more advantages:

Advantage #1: Calisthenics exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime, with the only requirement being that one should have a decent amount of space to work out in.

Advantage #2: Almost anyone can perform these exercises regardless of whichever age you are at.

Advantage #3: Since you don’t need to buy any equipment, one can consider this form of exercise free of cost.

Advantage #4: In performing both types of calisthenics exercises, one can improve the overall strength of their body (and this is very similar to performing both cardiovascular exercise and strength training using the aforementioned implements).

Advantage #5: In comparison to exercising with dumbbells and barbells, just working on a few calisthenics exercises will ensure that you work several muscle groups in your body.

Advantage #6: If one is suffering from depression, anxiety and so on and so forth, calisthenics exercises have been known to improve one’s mental health.

Advantage #7: Not only does the overall strength of the body improve but performing calisthenics exercises will result in providing relief from aches and pains.

Advantage #8: Since most of these exercises are cardiovascular in nature, not only will this improve your heart health but reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.