The thought of losing one’s penis is an idea capable of bringing any man to his knees. Sadly, the injury is more common than you may want to believe and a simple Google search of the phrase will leave you with an uncomfortable large amount of examples. In history, there has only ever been one case of a penis transplant, but one man, known only as “Penisindoor” is hoping to soon change that number to two.

Like A Scene Out Of Game Of Thrones

Penisindoor’s odd moniker comes from the tragic accident that initially cost the man his most beloved organ. According to Jezebel, in his youth, Penisindoor stuck his fully erect member through a partially opened door. A friend accidentally slammed the door shut, severing the man’s reproductive organ and creating, as Penisindoor put it, “a scene out of the Game of Thrones.” Now in his early 30s, Penisindoor is currently waiting to become the second-ever recipient of a penis transplant.

The “after” images of Penisindoor’s gruesome ordeal are quite eye-opening. I must warn you the photos are extremely graphic, but if you absolutely need to know know what a man without a penis looks like, you can find them by visiting the link below:


According to Penisindoor’s reddit responses, he is able to urinate, explaining that “I have a hole on the underside of my balls. I sit to pee.” Penisindoor is also able to achieve sexual satisfaction, writing that he can masturbate, “just differently.” The horrific injury not only didn’t hinder Penisindoor’s ability to snag a girlfriend, but the two are even able to share some level of intimacy. “Any loving couple can be intimate. … She knew me since we were little, so she knew all along,” Penisindoor explained. Also, because the base of the penis remained intact, Penisindoor can still achieve an orgasm ejaculating out of his re-routed urethra opening underneath his testicles.

First Penis Transplant Didn't End So Well

The first penis surgery was carried out by a team of Chinese surgeons on a 44-year-old man, who, like Penisindoor, lost his own penis in an unfortunate accident. According to NBC News, the 15-hour surgery is similar to that of hand and face transplants. The actual procedure, though dangerous, is not very complex. Regaining functional recovery was described as being the “main hurdle” of the operation.

The transplant also requires a lifetime of immune-suppressing drugs to prevent rejection of the new organ. In the case of the first penis transplant, the problem didn’t so much lie in the body’s rejection of the penis as it did the recipient’s wife’s rejection. After only two weeks of having the new organ, the man requested that it be removed because of “the wife’s psychological rejection as well as the swollen shape of the transplanted penis,” NBC News reported.

Penisindoor’s positive outlook on his circumstances is admirable, as is his hope for the surgery’s success. The donated penis will come from a deceased organ donor whose genetic makeup closely matches the recipient's, but there’s no telling how long it will take before a suitable match is found. Still, the details of his potential new organ don’t seem to bother the optimistic Penisindoor, who left the following analogy to help others better understand his perspective of the whole situation: “If you were about to sign a check over to yourself for several million dollars, would it matter what pen you used? Or that you just had a pen to seal the deal?”