"F--- it, I quit!" is a phrase not often heard out loud. You may think about saying it when times are tough and the job’s not treating you right, but most people either brush it off and don’t quit or do it in a more subtle fashion. Charlo Greene is not one of these people.

Greene, a former reporter for KTVA in Anchorage, uttered the phrase over the air on Sunday after coming out as the owner of a medical marijuana distributor, a business that she has been running on the side.

“And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, “f--- it, I quit,” are the words that have sent the Internet and media on a field day. Now, she’s using social media to explain herself and advocate for the right to "light up" in Alaska and nationwide, the NY Daily News reported.

"Advocating for freedom and fairness should be everyone's duty," she said in a YouTube video uploaded Monday. "I'm making it my life's work to uphold what America stands for truly: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Greene, whose real name is Charlene Ebge, is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, the only state-wide organization that supplies medical marijuana. Her Facebook page features a background of Ebge surrounded by marijuana plants and a profile picture of her preparing to light a joint.

In her YouTube video, she criticizes marijuana prohibitionists, accusing them of exaggerating the threat of marijuana by saying it will destroy society and lead to higher usage rates for drugs like crack among youth and using “fear mongering” to prevent people from purchasing marijuana.

“Last year in Alaska, there were 669 arrests, 2,697 in the past three years,” she said. “Colorado itself says youth usage rates are falling. That’s what the no weed people don’t want you to hear.”

The club itself has followed in its owner’s footsteps in taking a stand, posting on Facebook, "No marijuana, big mistake #YesOn2." It also launched an Indiegogo Campaign Monday to inform and encourage Alaskan voters on pot legalization, reaching its $5,000 fundraising goal the same day.

Ebge’s announcement comes at a time when Alaskans are weighing their options over Ballot Measure 2, an act that calls for the regulation and taxing over the production, sale, and use of marijuana for people who are 21 and over. If approved, residents may legally carry an ounce of marijuana on them and grow as many as six plants. The election will take place Nov. 4.

"If responsible adults should be allowed to choose how they like to drink," Ebge said in the video, "why differentiate my toke from your beer?"