Apparently, drinking to the point of passing out in city streets has become a major problem in Japan. So much so that Tokyo bar chain Yaocho Bar Group released a video advertisement, dubbed “The Sleeping Drunks Billboard,” that features drunk Japanese businessmen and businesswomen passed out in peculiar surroundings to help dissuade the country’s rising problem with public intoxication.

“Low alcohol tolerance mean thousands of people drinking until they drop,” the ad declares. “We scoured the city turning the sleeping drunks into human posters to get our point across. As honour is paramount in Japanese minds, we decided to shame people into behaving.”

The two-minute video put together by Japanese agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Geometry Global shows both men and women passed out around the streets of Tokyo alongside the hashtag # NOMISUGI (too drunk). It is unclear whether the boozed up poster-boys and girls are actual victims of overdrinking or if they’re actors with Yaocho, but the point of the commercial is well-understood.

According to research by Japan’s Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry, around 6.45 million people in Japan are affected by an alcohol-related problem, including 800,000 who suffer from alcohol dependency so severe that it should require medical treatment. Unfortunately, only 40,000 people seek the medical treatment they require. The result is 35,000 annual lives lost to alcohol use.