In the United Kingdom many are livid at the legal distribution of Alcopal.

Alcopal, is a tablet that allegedly allows an individual to consume up to five pints of beer, over the legal drinking limit, yet be able to pass a breathalyzer test. The capsule allegedly reduces the blood alcohol content level nine times lower than what it should be.

Alcopal was initially tested in the United States, but was withdrawn due to pressure on the drug firms. However, the pills are currently still legal in Britain.

For the pill to work an individual most take it prior to consuming alcohol and directly after. It has been said to prevent alcohol from being absorbed through the stomach into the blood stream.

While many critics argue the distribution of Alcopal encourages individuals to drink and drive, Arthur Nibble, the supplier of Alcopal refutes those claims.

According to Nibble, Alcopal prevents the absorption of alcohol from the inner lining of the stomach into the blood stream. He contests the pill protects your liver and kidneys, as well as assists an individual mentally.

In addition, Nibble maintains the pills are natural and safe. The tablets are made up of herbal extracts and carbon.

However critics such as the road safety campaigners believe the pills are "dangerous and stupid."

According to Kevin Clinton, road safety spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the capsules send the wrong message. He believes Alcopal not only encourages people to drive inebriated, but also leads people to think they can drive drunk and not suffer any consequences.

As for Kibble, he sells Alcopal online and insists he is not advocating for drunk driving.

If you Google Kibble's website it says: "Going out to celebrate or just having a good time. Be careful if your (sic) driving. Always take ALCO-PAL with you."