Certain members of the Detroit Police Department could face disciplinary action after a spreadsheet listing every female officer’s bra size was sent to the entire force, My Fox Detroit reported. Some of the department’s female officers are so upset over the “clerical error” that they are considering filing grievances with the city.

According to Assistant Chief James White, Commander Dwayne Love was responsible for informing officers that new bulletproof vests were available. To ensure female officers fit appropriately into their vests, measurements were previously taken to gauge breast size.

The Excel spreadsheet was first sent to commanders, then to supervisors, and eventually to every officer in the department. It included each officer’s height, weight, and cup size.

"On the third page, the females were listed. Unfortunately and embarrassingly, the cup sizes of the females were listed on that third page, and it was really just a clerical error," White told My Fox Detroit.

As a result of his brain blunder, Love could face internal discipline for disclosing such confidential information. Some of the women affected by the gaffe even say that they have faced ridicule due to the material that was shared.

"Conscientious, very hard working command officer. However, it's an embarrassing situation, and I'm going to be addressing the issue formally with him over the next couple weeks. Once we complete our investigation, there will be corrective action," White told My Fox Detroit.