Rapid dropping temperatures in Eastern Europe have left almost 60 people dead over the past week, many who were homeless.

As reported in the Associated Press, while at least 58 people died from the severe cold spell, hundreds sought for medical help for hypothermia and frostbite as temperature have dropped to minus 27 C, minus 17 F in some parts of the region.

Snow and ice that filled the streets disrupted traffic, cut off power and forced schools to close, reports the AP.

Ukraine has been one of the hardest hit countries with more than 540 people hospitalized with hypothermia and frostbite and about 30 deaths in the past four days.

Authorities told the AP that most of the victims were homeless or not aware of the danger because they had been drinking.

Olena Didyuk, spokeswoman for the Emergency Situations Ministry told the AP that a 44-year-old alcoholic woman fell asleep on the porch of her house in the Cherkasy region in central Ukraine and froze to death.

Authorities have taken action by setting up hundreds of 'heating centers' across the country and have been offering the homeless food, hot tea and coffee.