A woman’s desire to skip shaving is even greater than her urge to binge watch 13 Reasons Why. At least, that’s what Nair found in a study looking at millennials and their views on unwanted body hair. The manufacturer of hair removal products teamed up with insights and strategy consultancy firm Kelton Global to poll 1,000 millennial women about body hair. They looked at what areas are most annoying as well as daily beauty routine preferences, in what was likely an attempt to help better market their products.

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Overall women hated maintaining their bikini line most, with 72 percent of the respondents naming it the most annoying area. The underarms came in second with 58 percent followed by the legs at 52 percent.

The survey also found that hispanic women had different “problem areas” than caucasians and African Americans. According to the results, hispanics had more unwanted hair on the upper lip (57 percent compared to 40 percent of caucasians and 33 percent of African Americans) hands or knuckles (20 percent for hispanics, 10 percent of caucasians and 9 percent of African Americans) and back (17 percent of hispanics, 7 percent of caucasians and 11 percent of African Americans).

While it seems like getting through the day would be impossible without that morning caffeine boost, Nair found that almost half of millennial women would stop drinking coffee for one month in exchange for never having to shave, wax, Nair, or otherwise get rid of body hair for a full year. About 44 percent would give up Netflix, 39 percent would forego sex and 38 percent would refrain from using social media for 30 days if it meant having a hair-free year.

The biggest problem women had with shaving was that it was too time consuming, but about 44 percent said that it irritated their skin.

Many women are opting to go the natural route by giving up shaving completely. As we recently reported, fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas gave up shaving for a year and documented the reasons why in a highly popular YouTube video. In Australia, a campaign by the Rape and Domestic Violence Services organization asked women to stop shaving for the month of February to spark a conversation about women’s rights. Despite the growing trend, shaving body hair is still common among women in the United States. The Nair survey revealed that about one in two millennials feel insecure because of unwanted body hair.

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However, that baby-smooth feeling come with a price. Lora Ivanova of the nation’s first home STI testing kit, myLAB Box, previously told Medical Daily that shaving your genitals can increase STI risk by as much as 440 percent. Those who do shave and wax their nether regions should always get tested regularly to reduce their risk of infection.

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