The Internet is great for many things: research (i.e. errant, late-night Googling), watching illegally downloaded reruns of Scandal, and now, learning that if a 99-pound person eats 1 lb. of nachos that she is, in fact, not one percent nachos.

At one point in your life (before the prospect of eating nachos could even begin to register as something approaching a thought) you were just a developing embryo. You were a spherical cluster of cells that needed to form a digestive tract, so a germ layer called the endoderm shot a hole straight through you, where the gastrointestinal tract and the other accessory organs could develop. It wasn’t until years later that nachos entered the picture.

But despite all your maturing, your digestive system stayed relatively the same. A poor diet and several winters of forgetting your coat may have produced a weird balance of gut bacteria, but the tube snaking from one end of your body to the other isn’t all that different. In fact, because the embryo created the digestive tract outside the rest of the cell cluster, your digestive tract is technically outside your body.

Confusing? Just imagine a donut: the inner wall of the donut hole is still considered the outside of the donut, even if it’s in the middle of the donut itself. Your body is nothing more than an intricately designed donut — your digestive system as the donut hole, external to the rest of your inner processes. So you can debate whether nachos are still essentially nachos once they're inside you (whatever you are, to go even deeper), but the argument was over from the start: Nachos aren’t you, and you aren’t nachos, not even a little bit.