Fresh off her most recent rhinoplasty three weeks ago, 27-year-old celebrity Amanda Bynes has just revealed a lifelong battle with "webbing in between her eyes," she says.

The former child star has been making headlines for months now, due to her outrageous behavior both online and off. Along with getting arrested on May 23 for allegedly throwing a bong out the window of her apartment, Bynes has launched many a Twitter tirade against other celebrities, including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Drake. She has undergone several reconstructive nose surgeries so far and says she has plans for more.

Part of Bynes' characteristic slew of diatribes has been her frequent use of the term "defect" to refer to the extra skin she has had removed from between her eyes and nose. In one of her tweets, she used cleft lip — a congenital disorder of the upper lip that can result in hearing loss, dental problems, and speech difficulties — as the comparison for "something as traumatic as webbing in between your eyes."

While Bynes' surgeries have been purely cosmetic so far, the process of reshaping the skin around an eye sometimes qualifies as a blepharoplasty. In this procedure, doctors use the skin and tissue around the upper and lower eyelids to reshape and redefine the look of the eye, making patients look more rested and alert.

Blepharosplasty has the ability to fix the eye webbing that Bynes refers to, although to date she has only received nose jobs for the self-described "defect."

"I consider myself to be a hero to have suffered 27 years with a birth defect and to just now have it surgically removed!" Bynes tweeted on Thursday. "I had to share my story with you so the media would stop using old photos of me and stop writing lies about me having odd behavior when I was just embarrassed to share the fact that I had a birth defect."

Bynes' most recent surgery shaved down the bridge of her nose. She says more nose surgeries are still on the horizon.

"I need a few more surgeries to shave the bridge down to correct the rest of my nose so I can start the next chapter of my career! Music!" she wrote on her Twitter.

Webbings between the eyes, including webbing at the base of the nose, have sometimes been found in babies suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The congenital disorder plays host to a number of birth defects as the result of a mother consuming alcohol during her pregnancy, including both physical and mental abnormalities.

Webbed fingers and toes, a condition known as syndactyly, have also been seen in babies diagnosed with FASD. Syndactyly is the most common abnormality of the newborn, experts say, as it is "caused by failure, during the sixth to eighth weeks of intrauterine life, of the usual longitudinal interdigital necrosis that normally separates the fingers."