The American Heart Association has launched new campaign -Start, Eating Healthy Day to encourage people to have better eating habits.

The Eating Healthy Day campaign is designed to encourage better food and eating choices starting every Wednesday.

This campaign will contribute to the association’s 2020 dual goals. Within the next 10 years, the American Heart Association targets to improve cardiovascular health by 20% and reduce deaths from stroke by 20%.

The campaign will be executed in the workplace environment and will be instrumental in creating a healthy workforce. Workplace wellness programs not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases but also provide the employer profitable returns on the invested money. By extensively promoting this campaign in companies, the American Heart Association seeks to improve health of the entire nation.

The American Heart Association encourages participation by following their four recommendations.

1. Start by spreading the word by emails to friends and family.

2. Start eating healthy! Their “Delicious Decisions Web site” is a repository for cooking heart healthy food during get-togethers at work and potluck lunches.

3. Start sharing the message using interactive tools like Nutrition Widgets on personal blogs, websites and social networking sites.

4. Start learning more. The entire guide with health tips, delicious recipes, information on other such programs is available at

This day will represent the dedication and sincerity of The American Heart Association towards health of the American people. Through this campaign, the importance of good nutrition will get the required emphasis.