With smartphones in every pocket and work deadlines around every corner, making time for relaxation is often an afterthought for most city dwellers. To break the fast-paced world of metropolitan life, Amstel Bulagria — a subsidiary of the Dutch brewery — has created a vending machine that rewards people with free beer for standing still.

“Keep calm and carry a beer koozie” is the theme of the new automated device named Amstel Pause, which rewards anyone who can stand in front of it for three uninterrupted minutes. The company hopes that the short break will allow patrons to clear their minds, while whetting their thirsts.

According to PSFK, about 1,300 beers have been dispensed to an average of 84 people each day, accounting for nearly 67 hours of relaxation.

Urban life is linked to higher rates of psychological condtions, including anxiety disorder. In 2011, a study found that two brain regions in charge of emotion and anxiety — the amgydala and cingulate cortex — are overactive in city residents relative to people from rural areas.