Amy Winehouse, the famous British soul singer who was found dead at her London apartment on July, may have overdosed with Librium (chlordiazepoxide) and suffered a seizure, according to her father Mitch Winehouse.

Mr. Winehouse told Anderson Cooper in an interview, that traces of the drug Librium, which is used to relieve anxiety and agitation caused by alcohol withdrawal, were found on Amy's body, reports the Associated Press.

"Everything Amy did, she did to excess," Mr. Winehouse said on Anderson Cooper's new talk show to be aired Monday. "She drank to excess and did detox in excess," reports the Associated Press.

Amy Winehouse had been trying to stop her addiction to alcohol. At the time of her death, the singer had just completed three weeks of abstinence, according to her father.

"The periods of abstinence were becoming longer, and the periods of drinking were becoming shorter. It was heading in the right direction", Mr. Winehouse noted, according to the AP report.

Prior to her death, Mr. Winehouse admitted that Amy had seizures caused by alcohol withdrawal but had been improving.

Amy's father said that she stopped taking drugs, including heroin and cocaine, since December 2008.

An in depth investigation of Amy Winehouse's death is set to start next month.