The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly caused anxiety worldwide because of the abrupt measures that the government has taken: closing down of schools and establishments, limiting social contact and home quarantine. While these measures may be a small price to pay for the average citizen, it can cause a buildup of anxiousness and fear, which can be difficult to control sometimes.

Keeping yourself calm and composed during these trying times can be a challenge, but remember, it’s not impossible.

How To Reduce Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic

Acknowledge that you’re not alone

A common notion is that feeling anxious is “all in the mind” and that you’re overreacting. You’re not, because the truth is, a lot of people experience the same thing. You should acknowledge the fact that anxiety is not exclusive to anyone, especially during the virus outbreak. When you start admitting that feeling anxious is a normal thing, you take full control of your emotions.

Face the facts

As scary as it sounds, look further into the topic that triggers your anxiety. The lack of information is what causes fear. If, for example, you worry about contracting the disease, instead of relying on hearsay, use the internet to do thorough research and remember only to read data from trusted websites.

Confide in a trusted person

Everyone has at least someone that they’re comfortable talking to and letting their feelings known. Even if you can’t find the words to fully explain how you feel, at least try to let people know that the current situation makes you feel uneasy at times or fearful when you see the media or hear stories. The people around you will eventually adjust and help lessen your triggers.

Try meditating

Meditation can do wonders for your mind and body, and it can be a way for you to channel your emotions and energy healthily. If you find yourself starting to think about the situation, opt to sit down and meditate instead.

While the information, as mentioned earlier, can make you feel overwhelmed at times, taking small steps is better than none at all. Eventually, you’ll see differences, and these can motivate you to make an action further and improve yourself overall.