An apple a day may keep a stroke away, researchers at Dutch University, Wageningen say.

Following people for more than a decade, the study looked at the amount of white-fleshed fruit consumed, with respect to the number strokes suffered which reached 233 by the end of the study.

More research is still needed however as Linda M. Oude lead author of the study suggested to 'heartwire'

"There are more studies needed to confirm these findings, it's also the case that maybe other color groups of fruits and vegetables may protect against other chronic diseases, so it remains of importance that patients eat a variety of fruits and vegetables."

"To prevent stroke, it may be useful to consume considerable amounts of white fruits and vegetables," she concluded. Her team found regular white-fleshed fruit reduced stroke risk overall by 52 percent.

The news is good for those with chronic heart disease that may be able to offset their risk of stroke by consuming fruits rather than end up taking warfarin.

"Both fruits (apple and pears) ... contain a number of nutrients and phytochemicals, including the flavonol quercetin, which may have anti-inflammatory properties," said Tara Parker-Pope, author of the New York Time's Well blog.