The Arab League said Saturday it will stop its mission to Syria as violence has continued between pro and anti-government forces.

“Given the critical deterioration of the situation in Syria and the continued use of violence … it has been decided to immediately stop the work of the Arab League’s mission to Syria…,” said Sacretary-General Nabil Elaraby in a statement.

On official told Reuters the League’s foreign ministers are expected to discuss early next month the possibility of withdrawing monitors completely.

United Nations Radio said Friday the UN Security Council is set to produce a resolution on Syria by the end of next week. The UN estimates more than 5,000 people have been killed.

A proposal by Russia, one of the Council’s five permanent members, has issued a draft resolution that was rejected by the other four permanent members.

French UN ambassador Gerard Araud says the majority of Council members want to a resolution taking into account recent Arab League decisions.