Denise Barton in Santa Monica, California is suing the city for $1.7 billion, because she says that the "smart" parking meters that they have installed are making her sick.

Santa Monica has installed parking meters that can be paid with a credit card and can send a text to the driver of the car when the meter is running out of time.

Barton says that the radiation from the meters have caused ringing in her ears, a tightening in her neck and back and ear infections, and cites studies that have suggested a link between cell phone radiation and maladies.

Indeed, the World Health Organization released a report saying that cell phones were possibly carcinogenic. The report said nothing about ear infections though.

In addition, while Barton says that her problems began in April, the city of Santa Monica says that the meters were installed in May.

Assistant Finance Director Don Patterson said to the Santa Monica Daily Press that the Wi-Fi is at a very low level, and only occurs between the meter and the sensor, 5 to 8 feet away. It also only emits when a car is arriving or leaving, and is about equivalent to the amount of radiation that one would receive from a person using their cell phone on a sidewalk.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, Jennelle Carrillo is suing the Dallas County Stadium. On a hot day in August last year, she went to the stadium to watch a Blue and Silver debut scrimmage match. While waiting to enter the stadium, she sat on a marble bench outside. She says that she suffered third-degree burns on her buttocks, and that she was unaware of the full brunt of the injuries until she saw a medical professional.

The lawsuit filed complains that the bench was not roped off to prevent people from sitting there. There was also not a sign warning people to avoid the bench on hot days like that one, or that it might be made hot by August sun.

Carrillo is suing, for among other things, physical and mental anguish.

The lawsuit can be found here.