When it comes to the battle of the sexes, which one is dirtier? That’s the question this video from Brit Lab attempts to address. According to host Dr. Chris, 93 percent of women wash their hands after going to the bathroom compared to 77 percent of men.

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A story in Washingtonian reports that a study of 90 offices in the United States found that men had more bacteria on their desks, computers and chairs, compared to their female officemates. The article states that men had 10 percent more bacteria on these surfaces than women, possibly because men wash their hands and brush their teeth less often than women.

As Dr. Chris notes in the Brit Lab video, more bacteria doesn’t necessarily mean worse bacteria. He also says that in a small study of 10 women and 10 men in the same office, both sexes had similar amounts of bacteria on their hands. Their armpits, however, are a different story. Men have a higher bacteria load under their armpits than women, and they secrete more substances that bacteria feed on, which in turn generate gases that give off body odor.

However, women’s bathrooms are dirtier than men’s, according to a study from the University of Arizona, writes CNN.

"We were looking at how frequently do you find germs that potentially could make you ill," says Chuck Gerba of the University of Arizona to the publication. "What we found is that you're twice as [likely] to encounter those germs in women's restrooms."

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This was a surprise to the researchers as men had messier restrooms, and left behind more paper towels and worse smells. The study authors believe it’s due to the fact that women typically bring germ-laden children with them inside the restroom. Women’s restrooms also receive more traffic than men’s.

So, there’s evidence for both sides to claim that the other is the dirtier sex. But based off the percent who don’t wash after using the restroom, you might want to think twice before shaking hands with a man.

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