The legislature of the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina approved a law that would allow abortion in case of rape or if the woman's life is in danger, AFP reported.

The bill was passed with 30 to 29 votes.

According to the Argentina Independent, the mayor of the city Buenos Aires could still veto the law.

"We hope that this case will not become yet another vetoed law," said Maria Rachid, a deputy of Frente para la Victoria for the City of Buenos Aires, to the Argentina Independent.

The law allows women over 14 years of age to abort their fetus if the pregnancy was due to rape or has become a danger for the woman's health. Women who'd want to get an abortion in these cases will not have to seek the court's permission.

The neighboring country of Uruguay has already passed a bill legalizing abortion in the first trimester. However, to get an abortion, a woman will have to first consult a medical team with three medical and social workers to discuss the risks associated with the pregnancy, alternatives and social support available to them. The woman will then have to wait five days for abortion approval.

The Senate is expected to make the abortion bill a law later this year.