A 27-year-old man in Phoenix, Ariz., was crushed by a 30-ton, car-sized boulder on Tuesday. He was hospitalized with injuries to his leg and pelvis, but initial reports indicate that he will survive.

The man, who has not been publicly identified, was traveling with four other people to work on a radio tower at the top of a mountain when a boulder blocked their way. In the process of trying to move that boulder, another came tumbling down, landing on the victim. The victim’s co-workers immediately sprung into action, calling for help and removing the man from under the boulder.

"I'm not exactly sure how they did it," said Brian Parker, captain of the Summit Fire Department. "Just the fact they were able to get it off him was impressive, and it made our job a whole lot easier. Anytime there's any kind of crushing injuries like that where they're trapped, the sooner the better to get them out."

30 ton boulder
Cocoonino County Sheriff's Office Cocoonino County Sheriff's Office

The man was alert and able to answer questions after the incident. His survival is amazing considering the amount of weight he was under — but he’s not alone. Here are three equally miraculous stories of people surviving near-fatal human crushings:

1. Woman survives being crushed between two cars in crash. A woman in England was crushed between two parked cars when another car came speeding around the corner and crashed. She was stuck right in the middle, but survived with only minor injuries.

2. KC man survives being crushed in trash truck. A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo., was sleeping in a trash bin when he — along with the trash bin — was dumped into a garbage truck. Among other injuries, both of the man’s legs were broken, but he survived.

3. Boy survives being crushed by half-ton electric gate. Twelve-year-old Ethan Kosak-Hine was crushed when the gate outside his parents’ home fell on him. He escaped with only a broken ankle.