A gynecology exam may be one of the most uncomfortable experiences a woman goes through in her life as she bares herself to a gynecologist. Now, patients of an Arkansas gynecologist in the Becton Women’s Clinic, have another impending fear: video voyeurism. Dr. Paul Becton, who has practiced medicine for more than 30 years, has been arrested after Arkansas police discovered the gynecologist used his cell phone to take naked photos of his patients during office exams in his private practice.

The investigation began two weeks ago when one of Becton's patients told the police she was concerned the 68-year-old doctor “produced his cellular telephone and took photographs of her pubic region and buttocks” during an office visit, according to an arrest affidavit provided by The Smoking Gun. The patient’s claims were followed by the police officers who executed a search warrant at the gynecologist’s private clinic to seize his cell phone. Although all the images had been deleted, computer experts were able to recover them from the hard drive. Five of the X-rated photos were of the original victim, whom was able to identify herself and confirm they were taken without her consent.

The original victim is one of many, as the affidavit claims there were "numerous images of nude females that appear to have been taken in a medical office during medical examinations." The hospital where Becton practiced and the Arkansas Medical Board were notified by police the gynecologist currently faces five felony counts of video voyeurism. However, the police suspect there could have been more victims, although Becton only faces charges related to the five images of the original victim who reported the crime.

"When a woman goes to the doctor, she should expect that her privacy not be violated," said Scott Ellington, second judicial district prosecutor, to Region 8 News. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee Opinion Number 373, August 2007, says, “The relationship between the physician and patient, therefore, requires a high level of trust and professional responsibility.” The document goes on further to say the physician-patient relationship is damaged when there is confusion regarding professional roles and behavior, or clear lack of integrity that allows “sexual exploitation and harm.”

Becton completed his residency, specializing in OBGYN at University Hospital in Little Rock, Ark., according to his website. Before he opened the current private clinic in Paragould in 2007, Becton worked in Rogers, Bentonville, and Little Rock. Prior to his felonies, Becton, delivered babies and gave women medical care in Arkansas for 30 years. Women who believe they might have been a victim of Becton’s video voyeurism are asked to contact Arkansas State Police or the Paragould Police Department.