Facial surgery requires a delicate balance between artistic expression and surgical precision. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), many cosmetic surgeons are often called "half artists." This proves that when it comes to facial surgery, patients look for doctors who not only specialize in the science of the body but have an artistic eye.

Meet Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell, a distinguished cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon. Dr. Carandell has over 15 years of experience in public hospitals. His journey has been a continuous exploration of complex reconstructive cases. He combines the creative and scientific dimensions of facial surgery with his expertise. With a commitment to detail, he ensures every incision is purposeful and every movement is calculated.

Artistry in Facial Aesthetics

The human face is a 3D structure. Therefore, each incision, contour, and suture contributes to the final masterpiece.

In facial surgery, Dr. Carandell's expertise goes beyond the conventional. He delves deep into facial aesthetics, reconstruction, and rejuvenation. This elevates the outcomes of his surgeries to a level of aesthetic refinement.

Technology in facial reconstruction surgery pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Dr. Carandell embraces this innovation with unique approaches and techniques. He advocates for non-invasive surgical techniques like endoscopic facial procedures that overcome surgical challenges. Refining this craft, he ensures patients undergo the latest transformative procedures, producing aesthetic results with a swift recovery.

The Scientific Precision

Scientific precision in plastic surgery is very crucial. It is the cornerstone of safety, attention to detail, and optimal outcomes. This guarantees that surgeries are not only visually appealing but functionally sound. Commitment to science reflects a dedication to deliver optimal results and prioritize the well-being of patients.

While maintaining the artistic aspect of facial surgery, Dr. Carandell places equal emphasis on scientific precision. This includes considerable expertise in manipulating soft tissues, bones, and nerves. The goal is to preserve function, blood supply, and sensation.

The scientific aspects of his practice extend beyond the operating room. He shares insights by contributing to journals like GoJournal and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. He bagged the BEST Paper Award in 2015 by the respective publishers. These accolades highlight his dedication to advancing knowledge and setting a high standard in scientific discourse within his specialized domain.

Dr. Carandell actively contributes to scientific advisory boards such as Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, playing his part in advancing the field. He stays informed of the latest research and developments in facial surgery. This enables him to integrate evidence-based practices into his approach.

He is also a member of the European Board of Maxillofacial Surgery (FEBOMS). His global exposure has enriched his understanding of diverse patient surgeries. As a Facial Plastic Surgeon in Bahrain, he adds a valuable cross-cultural perspective to his scientific repertoire.


A facial surgeon who prioritizes precision and detail through innovative procedures can promise the desired results. Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell's comprehensive view of the field through scientific knowledge and global experiences has set him to this standard. His surgical perspective combines artistic expression and scientific precision that enables him to ensure every contour and lift aligns with the facial sculpture. This proves that the art and science of facial reconstruction find a union in the hands of Dr. Carandell.