AleXsandro Palombo’s artistic inspiration is Andy Warhol, which should tell you a little bit about his own style of art. Like Warhol, Palombo devotes the majority of his work to irreverent pop art and satire. However, after losing a friend to breast cancer a few years back and developing his own rare form of cancer that left him disabled, the 41-year-old Italian artist turned his attention toward social activism.

“I lived fully in the 80s, the boom of pop culture, the years of consumerism, the cult of celebrity, and the desire for lightness,” Palombo told BuzzFeed. “I love the cartoon characters just like Andy Warhol loved celebrities, and cartoons are more human and real than celebrities.”

In his newest series titled “Survivor,” Palombo shows what iconic cartoon characters — such as Betty Boop, Marge Simpson, and Wonder Woman — would look like as breast cancer survivors with mastectomy scars and all. Palombo’s message behind his “Awareness Campaign” is simple: “No one is immune to cancer, not even Disney Princesses.”

Check out Palombo’s Instagram, Facebook, and blog Humor Chic for more on the contemporary artist and activist.