The asexual man who had surgically removed his penis and testicles and proceeded to cook and serve them up to diners at a Japanese restaurant has been charged with indecent exposure.

The genitals of 23-year-old Mao Sugiyama had been tested as free of sexually transmitted diseases and were removed by a physician in March. They were subsequently frozen and served to paying guests on May 13 at a banquet in Suginami, a residential area in western Tokyo.

The self-described "asexual illustrator" had charged the customers 20,000 yen ($260) for the meal which he had garnished with mushrooms and parsley.
Photographs of the event show Sugiyama, who also had his nipples removed, fully dressed at the event attended by 70 diners.

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said criminal papers charging Sugiyama and his three friends who helped organize the event were sent to the Tokyo district public prosecutors' office, according to Daily Mail.

The charge came after the mayor of Tokyo's Suginami area, where the banquet took place, filed a complaint. If convicted all four could face two years behind bars and/or a fine up to 2.5 million yen ($32,000) each.

Sugiyama, who goes by the name HC, said that he had initially considered eating his own genitalia, but later decided to serve them to paying customers instead.
He had personally cooked his penis and testicles, which were removed in early April just before his 22nd birthday, while being supervised by a chef. Customers had to sign a waiver so he could not be held responsible if they became ill.

There is no law against cannibalism in Japan, which explains why the diners were not charged.

The Telegraph reported that Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who ate body parts from a Dutch woman he killed in a Paris apartment in 1981, has been a free man in Japan since 1986. He had been extradited from France and was subsequently declared sane by a Japanese hospital.