Researchers at Melbourne have finally found a new machine that uses radio waves to keep blood pressure levels under control. With more than one fourth of the Australian population suffering from the illness, and very few responding to medication, this machine definitely comes in handy.

The new medical procedure, approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is developed by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

No drugs were used during the course of the study. Instead, a catheter was inserted into an artery through a patient’s upper thigh and another artery next to it. Later, researchers used radio waves to heat up and turn off the nerves which were proven to be effective in high blood pressure conditions.

Lead author Prof Markus Schlaich, who called the procedure ‘renal denervation,’ noticed that about 84 per cent of his patients experienced a significant drop in high blood pressure.

He also found that it has cut down the risk of developing a heart disease by about 30 per cent.

“The study also found the therapy was safe, with no serious device or procedure-related complications… High blood pressure is the biggest killer worldwide, and half of those patients treated are not controlled, so this could have a tremendous impact,” said Prof Schlaich.