Avery’s Bucket List Goes Viral

Little Avery can now scratch “ going to a baseball game “ and “ shaking hands with super hot baseball players” off her bucket list. Avery Lynn Canahuatis is a 5 month old girl from Houston, Texas who has been recently diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type one- a severe form of disease that affects the spinal cord and nerves.

According to doctors she has only a few more months to live.

The bucket-list entries are written by Avery’s father Mike Canahuati. The wish- list has been written with the perspective of the little girl “attend a birthday party”, “have a drink with my mommy and daddy” , “ be potty trained” among many others and the last entry being “overcome my illness”.

The blog is light-humored and sweet while trying to raise awareness about the deadly disease.

“Today started like most days, I woke up, ate breakfast through my glam-tube, took a bath, and then checked my blog to see if anyone is reading my story and helping me spread awareness about SMA. Well, when I woke up yesterday I had 480,000 pageviews and as of right now I have 1.29 million pageviews (and that number is increasing by about 2.5 pageviews per second). Holy…Shitake mushrooms??? Umm, I’m not certain, but I believe they are with the rest of the produce sir. Ugh sorry, do I look like work here? Anyway, where was I?”

The blog has already has 1875580 views and they are increasing every second.

Hundreds of readers have commented on the blog, sent wishes, made donations and suggested more ideas for her bucket list.

Though her father is the one behind the blog, many readers feel Laura Canahauti is writing the bucket list.

“A lot of people when they post on there, they say ‘you and your husband.’ They obviously assume Laura is writing it,” Mike said.

Along with the blog, the couple has made a Facebook (Averys Bucket List)! And a Twitter account (AveryBucketList) as well.

It was Good Friday they say when they received the news that their daughter is suffering from SMA

“Sitting around for two days crying and being devastated, since there is no cure and there is nothing we can do right now,” said Laura

“We asked our doctors specifically if there is anything. Is there trial drugs, anything out of the country? There is absolutely nothing to help her disease,” she said. “That’s when we both sat down, and we know it’s out of our hands and it’s out of our control.” (report Fox8Cleveland)

‘Our goal for Avery is to be the face of SMA”, said Laura. She added that SMA is number one killer of babies under age two. She also urged parents to undergo genetic testing before conceiving. (reports mail online)