Migraine is among the worst feeling you would want to feel. The aching sensation you fell inside your head makes it feel like it’s about to explode in no time. Migraine can be caused by stress or by skipping meals. It can also be caused by drinking a significant amount of red wine or withdrawal from caffeine. You can control migraine by watching the food that you eat or by controlling emotional stress you feel.

Most people are sensitive to the following list below. These are the most common things that trigger migraine:

• Excessive drinking or withdrawal of caffeine

• Menstruation cycle

• Specific Foods and drinks

• Emotional stress

• Changes in the pattern of sleep

• Extreme fatigue• Skipping meals which includes fasting

• Sudden changes in weather conditions

• Exercise

• Smoking

• Bright and flickering lights

• Odors

Sometimes, food can also trigger migraine. This is because of the chemicals and other food additives mixed with the different types of foods. Among these foods include the following:

• Monosodium glutamate or MSG which is a common food flavoring in most Chinese foods.

• Tyramine. This substance is found naturally in aged cheeses, as well as in red wine, and other alcoholic drinks. Some processed meats also contain this substance.

• Alcoholic drinks. There are certainly impurities in alcohol or by-products that may react to your body that can metabolize alcohol.

• Food additives/preservatives are commonly found in processed meats such as ham, sausages and the likes. They come as nitrates or nitrites and can also be found in most salads served in many salad bars.

Aside from these foods, there are also other beverages than can trigger migraine so you may want to watch the beverages you drink.Specifically, these types of food are known to prompt migraine on a person. You might want to avoid:

• Pepperoni, sandwich meats, hot dogs

• Dried fruits

• Alcohol: red wine, beer, whisky, champagne

• Bread and other baked goods

• Pizza, peanuts, chicken livers and other specific foods

• Smoked or dried fish

• Aged cheeses: blue cheese, mozzarella, feta, Cheddar, parmesan

• Caffeine: coffee, chocolate, tea, colas and fizzy drinks

• Crisps

There are many ways in which you can avoid migraine and all the negative feelings anchored to it. All you need to do is follow these simple steps provided and you can be assured that you will not have to endure the pains and difficulties of having a migraine:

• Eat and drink only those that won’t trigger migraine. You will know which foods to avoid by monitoring your food intake. List down the foods and drinks that caused headache when you consumed them and avoid consumption of these in the future.

• Never skip a meal as this will trigger migraine, especially to most people.

• Caffeine is famous in causing migraines to people so avoid drinking coofee and energy drinks which are known to be caffeine-rick.

• Exercising should be done with care. Most of the time, exercise can cause migraines to people. If so, you should take anti-inflammatory pills.

• Get enough and normal sleep pattern.

• Control stress by controlling your emotions.