All parents tend to fret about their baby's safety, even when he or she's asleep. It’s only natural. In an attempt to alleviate some of their worry, parents will often turn to baby monitors to help them hear what’s going on in their child’s crib when they’re not close at hand. To help further alleviate the worries of over-obsessive parents, Sproutling Founder & CEO Chris Brune and his team have developed a high-tech baby monitor that goes above and beyond the simple walkie-talkie design of its competitors.

“With a band that sits around your baby's ankle, you just know more,” the Sproutling team said on its website. “The band is equipped with a smart sensor that senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position. It communicates with the app on your phone and lets you know if your baby is sleeping soundly or if something is wrong.”

Before you start conjuring up ideas of a baby wrapped up in cords and wires that are hooked up to a bulky piece of machinery, the Sproutling Baby Monitor is completely wireless and consists of a wearable band, a smart charger, and a mobile app. No need to worry about flexible babies with a taste for their own feet. The smart sensor responsible for tracking your child’s movement is designed specifically to prevent a choking hazard. Your purchase comes with three hypoallergenic wearable bands that are machine-washable to prevent the spread of germs.

The smart sensor and wearable band combination that is fitted around your infant’s ankle sends up-to-date information to your Smartphone, including sleeping habits, heartbeat, body temperature, noise level and temperature around your baby, and even their current mood. A colored background tells parents when and when not to worry (green meaning everything is fine, yellow meaning something may have set off the sensor, and red meaning something is wrong). Parents who preorder the device will get the early-bird special for $249 before it jumps up to $299.