Former first lady Barbara Bush, 88, was hospitalized Monday for early signs of pneumonia, according to the Los Angeles Times. The office of Bush’s husband, former President George H.W. Bush, issued a statement about her hospitalization: “Former First Lady Barbara Bush was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Houston’s Texas Medical Center yesterday for treatment on a respiratory related issue. She is in great spirits, has already received visits from her husband and family, and is receiving fantastic care. Updates will be issued when warranted.”

The former first lady has had a long history of health problems. In 1989, she revealed that she suffered from Grave’s disease. The condition causes the body to overproduce thyroid hormones, which can result in symptoms including hand tremors, bulging eyes, and rapid or irregular heartbeat. In 2008, Mrs. Bush underwent two surgeries: one to close a hole in her small intestine and another to replace her aortic valve.

Mrs. Bush remains in “good spirits” as her family awaits news on when she’ll be able to return home. Her husband has been a frequent visitor during her hospital stay. Current President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton both sent get-well soon messages to Mrs. Bush on Wednesday. "Michelle and I send our best wishes to Mrs. Bush for a speedy recovery. Barbara is blessed to have both a loving, supportive family by her side and a vibrant spirit that we hope will have her feeling better soon,” President Obama said in a statement released New Year's Day. And Clinton tweeted his well wishes: "I'll be rooting for Barbara Bush's full recovery while she's rooting for Baylor today. All my best to her and George H.W. Bush."

"She's still doing great, still in great spirits. We have not heard any plans for discharge just yet — we're still in a wait-and-see mode," family spokesman Jim McGrath told the Los Angeles Times. "She's keen to get home to her dogs and her husband — and not in that order. When I talk to her, she sounds like she's 100 percent. She doesn't want anybody to make a fuss — that's Barbara Bush.”

McGrath said former President Bush and Mrs. Bush celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching the Texas A&M football game together.