The hardships of lefties are ones that people of both hand preferences are aware of. To the righties of the world, it seems like just another unfounded reason for their left-handed counterparts to complain. If you are a lefty, you’ll know that it can make many everyday activities difficult or even dangerous. There is some good news for those who prefer the south paw; a recent study by Lelo found that left-handed individuals are 71 percent more satisfied with their sex lives than righties.

The survey was conducted by Lelo, a Swedish intimate lifestyle product company, to collaborate the release of their newest vibrator, the DEXTRUS. The survey involved 10,000 lefties, 86 percent of which described their feelings toward their sex life as "extremely satisfied," where just 15 percent of righties commented the same.

There are many theories on why lefties may have more satisfaction in the bedroom. One particularly interesting one is built on the hypothesis that left-handed people are exposed to higher levels of testosterone in the womb. This may account for the fact that men are twice as likely to be left-handed than women. If the increased testosterone theory is true, this may explain lefties' higher level of satisfaction being due to more aggressiveness in the bedroom. Therefore, they may be more likely to achieve personal satisfaction. Once again it is important to know that these are just theories and have not been completely validated by facts yet.

The survey was used as a promotional campaign for Lelo’s newest DEXTRUS vibrator. The vibrator claims to give right-handed users the same sexual satisfaction that lefties experience. It can also be used in a non-sexual setting as a way to improve both memory retention and formation. The DEXTRUS works on the idea that clenching either your right or left hand will stimulate the opposite hemisphere of the brain. The Monclair State University study, as described in the NY Daily News, found that fist clenching did in fact help memory.

“The findings suggest that some simple body movements—by temporarily changing the way the brain functions—can improve memory," study researcher, Ruth Propper, explained in the article. The DEXTRUS claims that by clenching the toy in your left hand, you will stimulate the right side of your brain. This will allow you to reap all the benefits that come with thinking like a lefty, including a highly satisfying sex life. The claims of the vibrator are, however, based on some pretty loose facts and there is no legitimate evidence to suggest that squeezing the ball will improve your sex life. At the same time though, who knows? It might be worth a try for us righties. After all, the lefties must be doing something right.