"Man vs. Wild" host Bear Grylls is known for pushing the bounds of what television viewers see on network programming. Whether he's eating things no man on earth would consider or drinking his own urine, Grylls has redefined what it means to be an adventure show host.

Demonstrating the perils of what he and his crew face on a day-to-day basis while filming their survival show, Grylls tweeted out a grisly photo of a venomous snake bite on his producer's foot with the caption, "our man vs wild producer suffering from a brutal snake bite - fighting the injury with courage."

The gruesome photo shows television producer Steven Rankin receiving medical attention for a venomous snake bite on his left foot. His flesh has been eaten away down to the bone due to necrosis, or dying body tissue.

Rankin and Grylls were on location to film the upcoming Discovery Channel program "Naked and Afraid" which features survival experts braving the elements with, you guessed it, no clothes on.

our man vs wild producer suffering from a brutal snake bite - fighting the injury with courage. twitter.com/BearGrylls/sta...

— Bear Grylls (@BearGrylls) April 30, 2013

A recent study published in PLOS Medicine tracked the pervasiveness of snakebites around the world and the morbidity and mortality rates among those infected with the toxic venom.

The World Health Organization estimates around 421,000 venomous snake bites around the world each year, 20,000 of which end in death. The prevalence of attacks is especially high in sub-Haran Africa and Southeast Asia.

Receiving medical attention immediately following a bite is paramount for protecting against infection, amputation and even death. The venom from some snake species is considered the most poisonous neurotoxin in the animal kingdom.

Symptoms of venomous snake bite can include swelling and redness around the bite, loss of feeling in the area of the bite, obstructed breathing, loss of eyesight and severe nausea.