A majority of people around the world have the desire to be absolutely stunning and beautiful. And while not every woman is the same, proper color establishment is most important when it comes to beauty tips, in particular for blondes.

Blondes look great with light textured hair that brings out the natural pink of their skin and gives them a natural glow as well. It is important to note that one does not need heavy makeup to look beautiful.

So here are a few tips in regards to makeup that are specific to blondes that will ensure that they beautiful without too much makeup:

Tip #1: Color

From the eye-shadow onwards, one can use any natural color from the color palate bearing in mind the shade of their skin. Fair-skinned blondes look great in lighter colors during the day. However, dark colors can also be a good choice.

Tip #2: Shampoo

It is important for one to use shampoos specifically made for blondes and which gives them a glowing look. These shampoos are manufactured to even out the color of dyed hair and enhance certain aspects of the natural blonde look.

Tip #3: Cover-up

Blonde women should not use a shade that is darker than their own skin as it will give one a tanned look. Makeup is best when it is of natural or light colors, especially in the case of blondes.

Tip #4: Lipstick

Red and pink colored lipstick is the most recommended for blondes. Bright red and light pink go well with blonde hair.

Tip #5: Eyebrows

Natural blondes with light eyebrows can make them brighter by using an eyebrow pencil. While selecting the color, best results are obtained by keeping it darker then the hair color keeping in mind that the natural shape of the eyebrow has to be retained.