That extra pint of the beer at the bar may not be to blame for your protruding belly. A researcher from the University of California Davis claims the notion that beer heads straight for the abdominal region has no medical standing.

"The beer belly is a complete myth. The main source of calories in any alcoholic beverage is alcohol. ...There's nothing magical about the alcohol in beer, it's just alcohol," Charles Bamford, professor of food science and technology at the University, told Popular Science.

Commonly referred to as "Professor Beer," Bamford is considered the foremost authority on brewing practices and the overall makeup of beer. The English-born brew expert discusses what exactly goes into crafting a quality beer, the history of brewing practices, and how beer is viewed around the world in his book Beer Is Proof God Loves Us.

Bamford pays great attention to the lifestyle of beer drinkers, recognizing that an afternoon of football and Budweisers, for instance, is more likely to be accompanied by a burger rather than a salad.

But don't be afraid to enjoy a nice cold one after a long day at the office. In fact, past scientific research shows that a beer a day could keep hypertension, diabetes, and cancer at bay. Findings produced by a research team from Spain also show that polyphenols, a non-alcoholic antioxidant component in wine that is also found in most brewing recipes, has been linked to a decreased of risk of cardiovascular disease.

The only catch? Moderation, of course.