What if craft beer had a love child with artisanal chocolate? Would this Frankenstein of edible vices signal the delicious downfall of western civilization?

It’s not some sick fantasy of yupsters in Brooklyn, but a 'sweet' reality that foodies are facing now that a brewery and chocolatier in Italy have developed Birra Spamabile, a spreadable beer. Born from the same country that gave us tiramisu and Nutella, Birra Spamabile is perfect for spiking a PB&J sandwich or turning an apple slice into a “drunk apple slice."

Birra Spamabile was developed by boyhood friends Emanuela Laurenzi of Alta Quota Brewery and Pietro Napoleone of Napopeone Chocolate Makers in Cittareale. The new product comes in two flavors of ale: dark (Omid Dark) and blonde (Greta Blonde).

The new “beer butter” is making waves across the Internet, making appearances on FoodBeast and Bloomberg TV.

It is available for sale online at Selfridges ($12.38), where the British high-end department store describes Birra Spamabile as “a sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and a full-bodied taste."