The oldest man in Nebraska, Mark Behrends, just turned 110 years old on May 16, and his secret to a long life is quite simple: one glass of beer a day around 3 p.m.

“He always told everybody the reason he has lived so long is drinking one can of beer, every day at 3 p.m.,” Lois Bassinger, Behrends’ daughter, told “He always joked that that was his medicine since he takes very little medicine.”

Behrends mainly drank Miller brands, though he would turn to “whatever kind was around,” he told in an interview. Interestingly enough, research supports moderate drinking as part of a healthy lifestyle. One study, published in 2010, found that people who drank alcohol moderately had a lower risk of mortality than people who drank heavily — or didn’t drink at all. There’s also evidence that red wine, which is rich in antioxidants, can slow memory loss, protect against obesity, and even benefit cardiovascular health.

Past centenarians have had their quirky "health" habits: some have eaten bacon and eggs every day, others have drunk one glass of wine with their dinners. But perhaps what keeps them young isn't a type of food or routine, but rather their mindset. Behrends, for example, worked as a custodian until he was 80, and he kept driving until 106. In a phone interview with, Behrends said he preserves his health by staying young at heart, and has to be reminded of his age (which is considered quite an accomplishment). “I don’t even notice” growing old, he said.