Being slightly overweight does not guarantee good health and this is a common misconception. Tipping the scale with just a little bit on the heavier side means looking at yourself deeply as to what your eating habits and daily activities; spy on what you do with your life from day to day so as to learn the type of flesh that you have. Having muscles clinging to the bones does not mean lean body mass as it might be just fat hanging on to it.

Consider this season as the killer months as people would try to indulge on foods, most probably fats, sugars and carbohydrates. Think of all the goodies laid on the table and inside the fridge all the time made available to you. Can you resist temptation? Now, let us take things one by one and look into possibilities where we can eat a lot on some and push away the bad ones. Here are wise options for you to choose from:

Avocado: This all around food is used for making salads, sandwiches and good for guacamole dips. It has monosaturated fats good for the heart and contains lycopene. This has been found to be a wise alternative to mayonnaise and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Just try not to overeat.

Watermelon: Delicious and packs a great deal of vitamin A, and so with C. This fruit contains lycopene responsible for lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer and other age-related ailments like poor vision or its loss brought about by macular degeneration.

Sweet potato: One regular sized of this food gives you enough of the requirement you need daily for fiber and vitamin A. White potatoes have more calories compared to this kind; sweet potato could save you 50 percent on calorie intake.

Raspberry: Eaten with yoghurt could keep your cravings for sugars tamed and could put your calories at bay. The fruit is a rich source of flavonoids, vitamin B and C and also fiber.

Salmon: Fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, mackerel and lake trout are Omega3 rich foods that can reduce heart disease risk. Taken with broccoli alongside with sweet potato, broiled fishes like these make up a low-calorie meal.

Onions: Containing 60 calories in a cup and used for stir frying food provides Quercetin that act as anti-inflammatory and as antioxidant, guarding the body against several diseases like cancer.

Yoghurt: These foods can make up a satisfying snack and gives the body enough dose of protein that boosts energy and likewise helps to manufacture muscles and not fats into the body.

Quinoa: Eating grains means taking in fiber and protein. This can help in maintaining sugar levels and leaves you feeling satisfied with every meal that you take. Try integrating the use of this grain food with fresh herbs and vegetables; use olive oil in small amounts to complete your meal.

It is not wise to think that just because you are slightly overweight and that this is not yet a cause for alarm. It is wiser to think that maintaining your body mass index would mean taking into consideration of the flesh that you have inside. As long as you know that you are eating the right kinds of food is enough to know that you are well-planted on the safer side. Remember that exercise can make you doubly assured that you are on your way to a healthy life.