Chia seeds are adored for their superfood qualities and a multitude of health benefits.

They make a healthy addition to diet regimens due to their potential to support weight loss, induce relaxation, and serve as a plentiful source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

However, it is important to note that it is not recommended to consume chia seeds without soaking them in a liquid first.

What are the benefits of soaking chia seeds?

When you soak chia seeds, they absorb the liquid and form a gel-like consistency. This makes them easier to digest, thus helping your body absorb more nutrients. Soaking also breaks down natural compounds in the seeds that can stop your body from getting all the good stuff.

However, consuming them without soaking in a liquid can lead to serious health issues. As per a 2014 article published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology, a 39-year-old man ended up in the emergency room after the person experienced intense stomach pain and had trouble swallowing after consuming a tablespoon of dry chia seeds with water.

Chia seeds have the special ability to absorb liquid and create a gel-like capsule. In this instance, the seeds swelled and formed a clumpy gel blockage in the man's esophagus.

Although this was the first reported instance of chia seed consumption going wrong, it is important to remember that eating dry chia seeds without soaking them can cause problems.

Here are some benefits of consuming water-soaked chia seeds:

Better digestion: Chia seeds can soak up water and make a gel-like coating. This helps digestion, keeps you full, stabilizes blood sugar, and improves hydration, according to

It clears the intestinal tract: By expanding and gently moving through the intestines, chia seeds provide natural digestive support. They help eliminate accumulated waste and encourage regular bowel movements, leading to improved stool regularity in many people, according to Healthy Holistic Living.

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Even though no data has shown that the fiber in chia seeds actually makes you full, all that fiber plus the countless other nutrients found in chia seeds makes it a great food for a healthy lifestyle. Getty Images