While calisthenics is the best way to begin your exercise routine (warm up), these freehand exercises are effective up to a point. If one has to gain maximum benefits from an exercise routine, a variety is also very important to have, and in this case, dumbbells can be an effective training implement to use.

So here is a list of benefits in using dumbbells for your workout routine:

Benefit #1: Boosts your self-esteem

While it is true that a mind-body connection exists, this is amply indicated when one uses dumbbells (and in fact, any type of exercise) to exercise. Since these free weights add resistance to your body, this soon leads to one’s body getting toned and fit instead of building bulk. Since “tightness” is what more people desire from their bodies, this soon becomes a reality, and this makes the person feel great, thus building confidence and having them feel at ease with their bodies.

Benefit #2: Osteoporosis

Working out with free weights falls into the body strengthening category, and with the increase in bone density as a result, this means that the chances of one getting osteoporosis is unlikely.

Benefit #3: Increases your metabolic rate

Since working out with free weights will gradually increase strength in your body while building muscle and burning fat at a faster rate, this happen due to the fact that using dumbbells usually burns more calories in comparison to calisthenics.

Benefit #4: Quick results

Perhaps this is one of the biggest advantages of using dumbbells as opposed to cardio routines and freehand exercises, and one can merely complete their dumbbell routine within an hour and be done with it while burning the same if not more calories.